Hello. I’m Dan Olivas

I have been a student of public speaking for many years. How did I get involved? Well, ironically, the way many of you are most likely getting involved. I was not a good public speaker. I knew it and I wanted to change. I knew that if I did, I would be able to be a more effective leader, presenter and that my career would flourish. I was right. I discovered that being an effective public speaker put me in greater demand. I have had the honor of growing my own real estate business and have lead many groups, committees and organizations in El Paso over the years. I am convinced that without being a confident public speaker, I never could have done that.

Who should attend my workshop? Executives, teachers, Realtors®, lawyers, trainers — really anyone who does any kind of speaking to any size group. My one-day workshop is a day of intense training. I keep the size of my workshop small to ensure that you have the attention and guidance you need. The workshop I present has been given to corporations including: JDW Insurance, Bravo Cadillac, McDonalds of El Paso, Candelighters.

Making the decision and taking that first critical step of signing up for my class is a big one. I know that. The day of the workshop, when you arrive, you will be nervous. I know that too. Understand that everyone else there is in the same boat. But, I promise you that you will walk away from that day with a feeling of accomplishment, progress and personal satisfaction that is so rewarding.

Sign up today! You will be so glad you did.


Dan Olivas
Your Speak Lead Succeed Coach

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